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07 June 2013 @ 01:38 pm
Hi guys!:)

this entry is from my own lj account. i just wanted you to read this. ^^. and please help spread the word, because this fandom is all about rainbows and love, right??

I'll leave this post open to public as well. some people won't bother reading this because it's long. but please read this.

Hello and welcome to the world of the JE fandoms!

This post will be a sort of introduction/guide that will hopefully teach new fans the proper ethics, process and basic knowledge that will be needed. My sister and I both decided to make one.. so here goes..

If you are absolutely new to the fandom, you might think that almost everything will be on youtube but as you go deeper into the fandom, you'll find youtube insufficient. You'll crawl through download links that might be floating around the net, and find some people having access to subbed files.

the subbed files. These are completely free and can be found inside lj by subbing communities. If you find someone asking for money in exchange for videos, they're scamming you.

Now i believe that new fans need to know the hard work placed in these subbed files. What you watch happily for about 30 minutes take, like, weeks to do.

so here's the whole process:
-Subbed videos originally come from raw providers. Raw providers get their videos from sometimes unknown sources or ripped from websites. The videos come in their raw form. Big, cumbersome, ts and with no translations.
-Next come the translators. These people translate the japanese into english or to another language. This takes a few days for veteran translators. And weeks for others.
-Next come the timers. Timers time the subs to the voices and words written on the screen, they do this line by line and by the millisecond.
-Next come the encoders. Good encoders are able to reduce the files to downloadable bite-sized pieces for other convenience while retaining the quality and sharpness of the video. They merge the subs to the raw files to make them hardsubs.

Don't ever forget that these set of people do these for absolutely no money. These people have real lives. They have real jobs or homework or lessons or stuff. They do these for free and during their free time. They don't earn money for subbing these videos. So new fans will do well to abide by the rules of the subbing communities. They are doing these stuff for free the least you can do follow their rules right? by following these communities rules, it shows that you respect them.

To access these files (raw and subbed) you will need to create a lj account. This lj account will be your golden ticket to all the goodies.

When we were starting we were fortunate enough to find a veteran in lj who had like an open community and subbed lots of videos, from there we crawled our way up. To be able to gain access to those veteran and highly respected community, you need to be active in lj. You need to prove that you are not just a leecher and that you are a genuine fan. It's not that hard. Join new fledgling communities for starters, Just a single post once in a while in lj would do, just like what you would normally do in twitter and such.

And if you're going to download a video from someone's lj account or community, it would be common courtesy to thank them in the comment box. This will also help the mods of the lj community keep track of the members.

Once the video is downloaded or you got hold of the download link. Please don't redistribute it elsewhere. If you have a friend who wants to watch the video, tell her of the community where you got it from.

WHY??? Just keep it in mind that basically what these community/individuals are doing here is not particularly legal, and japan's copyright laws are really tight. Communities are already toeing the line as it is and they are keeping these things as closed as possible. Mods and maintainers are always trying to keep things in check. We don't want this to spread like wildfire and we are keeping our head down so as not to attract attention. Redistributing subbed videos to streaming sites or earning money from the subbed videos are not allowed because they might attract attention.

Hell, communities don't ask for money for all their hardworks. Because if things go wrong, you won't be able to watch your beloved boys anymore, not unless you go to japan live there and learn their language. Now some new members might find these stuffs annoying, all these rules and stuff. But don't you think it's a small price to pay for enjoying free subbed videos that's always there?

So our darling new fans we hope we've told you everything you need to know.
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11 June 2014 @ 02:49 pm
Hello everyone! I would just like to share some of my sexy zone translations with you guys :)
I'll just post the links for all of my translations just in case you haven't read the ones I have posted here before :)
Please do leave a comment ^^ Just a simple "Thank you" would be fine
I hope you'll enjoy reading! Some of them are really short though haha.

Winkup201406 Sexy Zone Q&A Fan Volume (Marius and Sou)

Winkup201406 Sexy Zone Q&A Fan Volume (Fuma and Kento)

QLAP 2014.03.06 "Grading Sexy Zone's Character" (Marius)

QLAP 2014.03.06 "Grading Sexy Zone's Character" (Kento)

QLAP 2014.03.06 "Grading Sexy Zone's Character" (Fuma)

Synchorinzed Sprouting Talk ~ FumaKen (Myojo 2012.10)

The Power of Sexy Zone (Potato 2013.07)

Destined Encounters ~ Matsushima Sou (Popolo 2013.07)

Destined Encounters ~ Kento, Fuma, Marius (Popolo 2013.07)

Wan Nyan Tsundere Talk ~ Fumaken (Myojo 2013.07)
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29 June 2013 @ 10:54 pm
Hello! Any Sexy Zone fans here? Well, I hope there are because I have translated some magazine interviews for you guys! I did not really study the Japanese language but since I do not know anyone who translates sexy zone's magazine interviews, I might as well give it a try. I used different applications for the kanjis but I am still sure that there are errors in my translations. Please do correct me if you see some mistakes! :D

Myojo 2013.07 FumaKen RadioCollapse )

Popolo 2013.07 Kento, Fuma, So, MariusCollapse )

Potato 2013.07 All MembersCollapse )

Myojo 2012.10 FumaXKento RadioCollapse )

Hope you had fun reading! But please don't repost this or claim as your own. :) And just to remind you again, I'm not sure whether this translation is 100% correct.
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28 June 2013 @ 05:47 pm
another public announcement from me..

this announcement is about the membership. don't worry! i won't ban or remove members because there's no incident about rule breaking.. i just wanted to remind those people who wanted to join this community to read clearly the how to join post.

**please follow the proper steps in joining this community and read it carefully

**remember that i won't approve your membership if you didn't even bother commenting on the how to join post.

**please don't forget the subject. it's IMPORTANT, you know. well, it might not be important to you, but it's pretty important for me. WHY??? it's because that i usually check all the notifications in my e-mail. with that particular subject, i would know if your comment was for joining the community. if you didn't write the subject, then it would take me years before i can read your comment and approve the membership.

**please don't forget to CLICK THE JOIN BUTTON after commenting in the how to join post. without clicking that join button, i can't do anything for you. i won't send invitations to you. and you're just lucky enough, if i send you a pm telling you to click the join button.

so please read it carefully, this reflects that you didn't even bother reading the post. i'm giving the others the chance by sending them a pm. but i won't do that again. don't make my life hard.

and when you join other communities, don't forget to read their rules and regulations together with their how to join post.
08 May 2013 @ 05:07 pm


You will have to read and agree to all the rules, answer a few easy questions (we just want to get to know you, so that we can all be friends) :D

Don't worry, comments are all screened, so you can write as short or as long as you want...:)

Here are the rules ^__^
1. do not hotlink, re-upload, re-distribute, share or stream any of the files outside this community.
2. please only use "SYN" for credit when needed; please do not use the full name of the community
3. do not profit from any of the raw/subbed files being shared here.
4. do not claim the files as yours.
5. if you wanted to share the file to your friend, please link them back here.
6. no bashing and flaming

In your comment, please include the subject JOINING JE SYN and please tell us that you have read and understood the rules and state the rules in your own words; tell us who is your ichiban and your favorite JE group and tell us something about yourself that will help us remember you... ^_______^ and post

Also tell us your nickname or what you want us to call you:) You may add any information that you deem necessary for us top know you better. [ THE BETTER FOR US TO FLAIL TOGETHER~~~! ^______________^ ]

You may also tell us something, a fact about your ichiban that only a few people know. **winks** Then please do not forget to click join:)

**note: please make sure you follow the right steps.

***note: please comment on this post.

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07 May 2013 @ 11:03 pm
Irasshaimase!! ** throws confetti**

 photo tumblr_mar6w0yxgb1qm3h6go10_r1_5001_zpseb5074f0.gif
credits to ninoether of tumblr:)


.... A phenomenon on which a certain person comes into
liking a particular man, or group of men belonging to
the entertainment class also known as JE.

Symptoms may include, flailing, drooling, spazzing, and others......

In this newly revamp community, you can find:
- weekly updates from your fave JE groups
- DL links of CMs (raw), PVs, discography, etc..
** all links are ripped by me. Unless indicated**

So currently, i am the only one active in this community. So please bear with me. The other admins are just around the corner, they might also surprise with some stuff from time to time.

Want to be part of this community? click the HOW TO JOIN post..

Don't worry! Joining is easy:) We just want to moderate the membership because this community will cater to almost all JE fandom and we just want to protect our files. **and others that tickle our fancy:) **

For FAQs please click HERE.

Lets all have a wonderful and fruitful stay in this community ^__^

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07 May 2013 @ 10:28 pm
1. What is this community all about?
From the beginning up until this community's first year anniversary, this community is purely a spam community that pampers its members. After months of being in hiatus, the admins decided to revamp this community to have a fresh new start. Now this community contains weekly updates of your fave JE groups, download links of CMs (raw) and etc. and subbed clips (occasionally).

2. Where did you get those raw files?
These raw files (like the CMs) are all ripped by me when i went stalking on their websites. So all files belong to me unless indicated.

3. Why was i removed in this community?
We have 2 main reasons for that:
(1) the member didn't confirm his/her existence when we were about to revamp this community.
(2) the member was caught breaking one of the community rules. Just one rule and it means you're out.

4. I was a member of this community before and i want to rejoin the community because the deadline about the reconfirming my existence had already ended. What will i do?
Sorry, but you have to click on how to join post and comment on it. You have to make sure that you did the right thing. And then, click the join button and wait for the approval.

5. Do i need to credit the community if i will use the file?
Yes. Using "SYN" is enough. Do not use the community's full name.

6. How do i join this community?
You have to go to how to join post, read and comment on that entry and click the join button. Wait for your approval.

7. I already leave a comment and clicked the join button. But i'm still not a member.
Please read the how to join post again and make sure you did the right thing. then click the join button again. Please wait for approval in 1 week. If you're still not a member after waiting for 1 week, please leave a message to slants_of_light with a subject of 'question about my membership in syn.'

8. The download links are not working anymore, how do I request for new download links?
You can request for new download links HERE.

if you have further questions, please don't hesitate to drop a comment or message slants_of_light

^_____^ have a great day
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27 April 2013 @ 09:26 pm
Good day fellow JE fanboys/fangirls

this community had entered an indefinite haitus since december. So, as one of the founders of this community, I would like to apologize to all members that we didn't even post something about the haitus. RL is the main reason of our haitus.

As of this moment, I have an important announcement to make which concerns the whole community.

- to have a fresh new start
- to share dl links from your fave groups mainly arashi, kat-tun, hsj and other je groups
- to have a weekly update/news from your fave groups

but this community will still continue to serve as a flailing community that will brighten up and bring colorful rainbows to your world.

- since the content of this community will change, there are new set of rules that every member needs to follow
- this is a way for us to know who are still active
- we will not accept anymore open id accounts.
- will start removing members on MAY 3 [FRIDAY] (6pm - JST)

existing members who still wanted to be part of this community should reply to this post. (please read NO.3)

- you abide to the new community rules
a. do not hotlink, re-upload, re-distribute, share or stream any of the files outside this community.
b. please only use "SYN" for credit when needed; please do not use the full name of the community
c. do not profit from any of the raw/subbed files being shared here.
d. do not claim the files as yours.
e. if you wanted to share the file to your friend, please link them back here.

- by posting a comment to this post and saying you abide the rules in your own words, it means that you solemnly swear that you won't go breaking the rules of this community.
- post a comment in this entry with the subject of I EXIST.
- all comments without the subject means that you didn't even bother reading the whole entry, and you will still be removed as a community member

a. since this community will be sharing files; no offense, but we have to make sure that our files will be safe and protected
b. this community was under an indefinite haitus for months because of the rl, so reviving this community is a must
c. i'm active in my own lj account, so why not post the dl links here to be much safer and to share more love and rainbows to this community

p.s. all comments are now screened and please make sure you have read the whole entry :D

I'm looking forward to see you guys soon in our newly revamp community ^^.

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07 November 2011 @ 06:38 pm
the post is the old how to join post. please do not comment on this one. This serves as a reference for the admins. if you want to join this community. please go HERE
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