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28 June 2013 @ 05:47 pm
another public announcement from me..

this announcement is about the membership. don't worry! i won't ban or remove members because there's no incident about rule breaking.. i just wanted to remind those people who wanted to join this community to read clearly the how to join post.

**please follow the proper steps in joining this community and read it carefully

**remember that i won't approve your membership if you didn't even bother commenting on the how to join post.

**please don't forget the subject. it's IMPORTANT, you know. well, it might not be important to you, but it's pretty important for me. WHY??? it's because that i usually check all the notifications in my e-mail. with that particular subject, i would know if your comment was for joining the community. if you didn't write the subject, then it would take me years before i can read your comment and approve the membership.

**please don't forget to CLICK THE JOIN BUTTON after commenting in the how to join post. without clicking that join button, i can't do anything for you. i won't send invitations to you. and you're just lucky enough, if i send you a pm telling you to click the join button.

so please read it carefully, this reflects that you didn't even bother reading the post. i'm giving the others the chance by sending them a pm. but i won't do that again. don't make my life hard.

and when you join other communities, don't forget to read their rules and regulations together with their how to join post.