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29 June 2013 @ 10:54 pm
Sexy Zone Magazine Translations  
Hello! Any Sexy Zone fans here? Well, I hope there are because I have translated some magazine interviews for you guys! I did not really study the Japanese language but since I do not know anyone who translates sexy zone's magazine interviews, I might as well give it a try. I used different applications for the kanjis but I am still sure that there are errors in my translations. Please do correct me if you see some mistakes! :D


Fuma: Hai, it’s time for fumaken radio.

Kento: On the first note, “Dogs or Cats? Which group would you prefer?” I prefer dogs but I have never tried to feed one. I want to raise a bull dog! Ugly dogs are great ne!

Fuma: I also prefer dogs. I think I’ll be able to raise one. The good thing about dogs is that they’re loyal right? At home we have a pet schnauzer named Chiimo. Everytime my family arrives at home; he jumps up and down to welcome us!

Kento: That’s great right? At home, I have a pet turtle named Sebasu. It just stays in the fish tank but I am the one who jumps! Hahaha. It’s a violent one! It really is. But it’s his way of welcoming me home. It has a meaning to it right ~ <3

Fuma: Are you sure? (laughs) Well, speaking of summer, everyone is cute right?

Kento: Sooo, let’s go on to the next one. “I don’t want to confess my feelings because i’ll just get dumped.” Uwa~

Fuma: This... I think is not love! If you’re continuously like that, then you wouldn't know if that person hates you or not right?

Kento: To say it like a joke, it will only make it look like a mischief instead of the truth.

Fuma: Oh, I see. But when I was a child, I'm mean to the girl I like. I wanted to see her embarrassed.

Kento: Eehhh. For me, the feelings should be expressed if a person will love or like someone. This will become the basis.

Fuma: The reply for this mail is to just ignore those worries!

Kento: Ahh.. I also like that reply! So, my tsun degree is.. fufu. Fufu that is (laughs). Nana-chan (letter sender), watch our DVD so that you’ll have high spirits! <3 Okay? Now, for the third mail! “The difference of S and M” (laughs) Uhhmm.. Pi is an S...

Fuma: Pi is an M right?

Kento: Hahaha. We just said something that shouldn’t be broadcasted.

Fuma: Under some difficulties!

Kento: Let’s give a proper definition. S is for sado (sadist) and M is for mazo (masochist) right?

Fuma: You know words like that huh. Is it okay?

Kento: S are aggressive people.

Fuma: And M people’s mood is typically good right?

Kento: Ahaha. Don’t you have a passive trait? (laughs)

Fuma: That is the point. An M is... An S person is passive and it’s not because they wanted to fit in, but it seems that it’s really their natural character.

Kento: Eehh. Fuma are you an S or an M?

Fuma: Me? I am either. <3 I become an S when I’m with Inoo-kun. It happened during the curtain call in Johnny’s world wherein our arms were connected. My grips were always strong! [Really painful!] He said. (laughs) Then, during the interview time, we were quietly talking and laughing. [Hey, that talk just now was not good!] He was embarrassed, kawaii~

Kento: You were hit really hard! (laughs)

Fuma: But, I really am becoming stubborn. [somehow], And Takaki-kun’s projection on the monitor kind of looks like Jinguji-kun. Just saying what I saw. [Takaki-kun is third on the line and Fuma’s second] Give me a reply!

Kento: Hahaha. So what’s with Takaki-kun?

Fuma: I saw his phone flying before! (laughs)

Kento: Ahahaha! That’s interesting!

Fuma: But there is always continuous laughter in Jump ne?

Kento: By the way, he'll give you a reply some time. So, you are an S right? I think I become completely an M with Yamada-kun. We made a promise before to eat meat together, but we still haven’t. That is Yamada-kun [You invited right] So I was saying [I definitely want to!].

Fuma: Yamada-kun is becoming stubborn ne.

Kento: Like that, I think I am an S with Kisumai’s Miyata kun. I ask him [Miyata-kun, does it hurt?] He’ll say [It hurts yo~] and he’ll just forget about that. He’s really a nice guy!

Fuma: As expected from Kis-My-Ft2’s M!

Kento: But, with this, Nikaido says [You are just being stubborn with Miyata-kun] He said it himself! Miyata-kun starts to attack me then I attack Nikaido-kun. That’s how our forbidden triangular relationship began.

Fuma: ... Somehow with what you said, you just wanted to shine right?

Kento: As expected, you really are an S. (laughs)

Destined Encounters

Nakajima Kento

Q1: Do you believe in destiny?
A: Of course!  As for love, I think your feelings will develop because no matter where you are, your feelings will continue ever since the day of your unexpected or sudden meeting. Then, these days, I felt my connection with the fans. I joined the agency on April 20, and five years after that, I have found destiny. I feel that destiny was built because of the fans’ support.

Q2: This is the desired destiny!
A:  To have a meeting abroad is a destiny right~. Meeting a person within the nation is quite okay but meeting a person overseas is great, don’t you think? In a love situation, we wouldn’t know if it is destiny or not because there should be a good explanation for destiny to be believed in; however, meeting by chance despite the differences is a perfect destiny so there’s really something between those two people.  <3

Q3: How would you want your destined person to confess to you?
A:  [Kento is somehow in a different mood] I might sink. “I’ll still be here no matter what feelings you’ll return to me and I know within myself that even if you’re not here, the feelings will always be here.” If told with these words, I would really feel that it’s destiny. But in reality, someone can’t say those words right? (laughs)

Q4: Requirements of your destined partner?
A:  Someone who can comfortably laugh with me, who has the same way of thinking as me, who is willing to wear an identical item with me, who can have a simultaneous conversation with me. Don’t miss this part ne. If there is a person like that, somehow I will grow some feelings for her. But to say that it is not destiny is not right because you don’t really know right?

Q5: An event wherein you felt destiny with the members
A: There’s nothing in particular but lately, I have really have felt destiny with fuma. Of course being lucky to meet all of these members feels like a destiny, but with fuma i feel that it’s stronger. He was with me through everything I’ve gone in this life. Rather than rivals or friends, I think that there’s a feeling that we’ll fight together as comrades.

Q6: Was there a time when you bought an item and felt that it was destiny?
A. When I was lazily walking on the streets, I saw a skull bag and began to leap.  At first I thought that I was not going to buy it but I liked the item so I bought it. Skulls are really cool and my role in the drama is Gokuraku chou’s top so a cool item is really needed.

Kikuchi Fuma
Q1: Do you believe in destiny?
A: I believe in it. Isn’t it destiny for someone to meet a person by chance? That’s what I think. When meeting a friend around junior high school or high school then suddenly you get along with each other and build a relationship. But I’m not so certain about such a romantic episode.  I had the same feelings when I met everyone.

Q2: This is the desired destiny!
A: For example, I had feelings on a certain girl for a long time already and in reality that girl also has some feelings for me... then I would feel that it is destiny.  Wouldn’t you understand each other if your feelings are the same? That would be really joyful right? For friends, if you found a person who is fun to be with and whom you get along with then that is destiny!

Q3: How would you want your destined person to confess to you?
A: I don’t like it to be in person. I would fall in love if she calls my name with her sleepy voice (laughs). It’s also okay if she says it in a squishy voice like a doll’s. That would be really cute (laughs). I love to listen at a girl’s singing voice. It will instantly make me strong if someone sings to me. It would be a nice feeling.

Q4: Requirements of your destined partner?
A. (1.) Loves Music. Any genre is okay! (2.) Bright. And somehow, a dark child (Laughs). (3.) Values and thinks of everyone fairly. It would be fascinating if she’s just like me right? (4.) Gentle to little children.  If she has a gentle image then it might make my heart beat. <3  (5.) Has a common sense. So that I could introduce her to my friends and parents without being ashamed!

Q5: An event wherein you felt destiny with the members
A. Whenever Nakajima and I sing together, I feel like I can go anywhere with him. I wonder if that’s destiny. For five years, Nakajima and I have always been symmetry members. Somehow, we understand each other so I have a feeling that there’s a different atmosphere when the two of us are together.

Q6: Was there a time when you bought an item and felt that it was destiny?
A: I haven’t felt destiny with anything, but I guess it would be the pinky ring. I somehow felt like “This is it!” when I first found that pinky ring so I bought it. It’s silver and has a little volume. I feel that the design gives me a nice feeling when I wear it.  I bought it during autumn last year, but I can still wear it well now.

Matsushima Sou
Q1: Do you believe in destiny?
A: I believe in it! I think that it was destiny that Sexy Zone debuted. I have always longed to be on stage and it was like a dream come true. This would be destiny, right?

Q2: This is the desired destiny!
A: It will happen in the bookstore wherein we both stretch out our hands to get the same book. I feel that the destiny will somehow end up like the ones in the dramas. However, the book that we are reaching for is a manga for little kids. (laughs)

Q3: How would you want your destined person to confess to you?
A: She’ll say, “I’m not sure about what Sou-kun thinks, but I think that the two of us are really fit for each other.” I think it would be like destiny if she would say what she thinks about me even though she doesn’t know about how I’m going to respond.

Q4: Requirements of your destined partner?
A: (1.) Knows how to cook! I want her to prepare an omurice for me! (2.) Has a lot of male and female friends. (3.) Talks a lot about anything. (4.) Will travel once a year with me. (5.) Does not say anything selfish.

Q5: An event wherein you felt destiny with the members
A: Before our debut concert, I went to the dressing room wherein I played with Kento-kun and Fuma-kun, and then I met Shori-kun. I was able to debut with people whom I can approach enthusiastically!

Q6: Was there a time when you bought an item and felt that it was destiny?
A: A clarinet! In order to make music, my junior high school teacher taught me how to play it before our graduation. I will practice hard so that I’ll be skillful at playing it and because I want to do collaboration with Kento-kun’s piano!

Marius Yo
Q1: Do you believe in destiny?
A: I believe in it. When a friend breaks up with her boyfriend, you encourage her and say, “That guy is not your destined partner. There are more great guys whom you’ll meet in the future.” Your destiny will continue as long as you are living.

Q2: This is the desired destiny!
A: On my first time riding the plane next to Kento-kun, I was wondering about what he is doing recently, then we were always talking and it was fun! This would be one of my destinies right?

Q3: How would you want your destined person to confess to you?
A: She will say, “I feel that I have liked Marius-kun since before.”  Then, I will say, “I feel that it’s also because of destiny that I met you, and I have also felt that since before.”

Q4: Requirements of your destined partner?
A: For example, at an instant, I’ll have a feeling that I can rely on her. She has long legs, loves to travel, can speak in a foreign language, has a strong inspiration, can have various conversations with me.

Q5: An event wherein you felt destiny with the members
A: During concert when we were about to say our farewells, I felt that our feelings were growing and never-ending just like how the universe was made to be. At that time, when I looked at the faces of the members, I thought that I was really glad to be in Sexy Zone.

Q6: Was there a time when you bought an item and felt that it was destiny?
A: At the supermarket, I tried on a light brown boots and liked it, so I bought it immediately. I have been wearing it ever since. This would be destiny right? It was really made for me. Thank you, Kami-sama!

The Power of Sexy Zone

Nakajima Kento

Shori – Silence. Since the number of words he says is few, I have no idea on what’s going on in his mind. (laughs) He is really mysterious.
Fuma- Chameleon. At the scene, he suddenly changes and shows off a strange figure which is impossible for me to do.
Sou – Thinking. Not just on the positive side, but he is a person who can use his pessimistic thinking in a good way.
Marius – Breaking through. If he commits a mistake in the choreography, he’ll blame everyone and say, “I didn’t know!” (laughs)

Shori – Earnestness. He puts Johnny’s songs in his music player and I think it’s great.
Kento – Unshakable Idol. He’s a second year university student who speaks a lot of optimistic words. There’s none other like Nakajima.
Sou- Rises early. He always comes early in the morning because of riding the bullet train. I myself am not like that that’s why I respect him for that.
Marius-  Language study. One thing and another, he can speak German and Japanese. That’s really amazing right?

Kento- Idol. I think he has that image whenever the audience do the “Love Kenty!” on live shows.
Fuma- Sure Boke. On radio shows and on MC parts during live shows, he always talks about pointless stuff.
Sou- Moving. He survives going back and forth Shizuoka even though it’s difficult. It’s really amazing!
Marius- Angel. He himself declares that he’s an angel, that’s why. But I don’t approve of it. (laughs)

Shori- Observing.  He looks at the concert stage differently from how I look at it. His point of view is really amazing.
Kento- Acting. Of course it’s because of his drama and the way he suddenly switches during magazine interviews is amazing!
Fuma- Wealth. He treats his juniors when going out to buy something he likes. How he cares about other people is cool isn’t it?
Marius- Forgetting. No matter what he forgets about, he proceeds to the next. But sometimes when he forgets a dance step, he gets angry. (laughs)

Shori- Imagining/Guessing. During live shows, he would spit out various opinions on the appearances of the audience.
Kento- Conducting. During concerts, he takes action to have a better overall flow of various scenes.
Fuma- Talking. He can say interesting stuff one after another and I really think that it’s amazing.
Sou- Health. He commutes from a very distant place. He arrives early in the morning and returns home late. My body won’t be able to do that yo~.

Synchorinzed Sprouting Talk

Kento: Starting immediately, “I want to see fumaken wearing a headband.” So now, the two of us are wearing a headband!
Fuma: Since we’re in the pool right now, we just finished synchronized swimming.
Kento: The nose clips really made me laugh.
Fuma: Seriously, it is pointless!
Kento: That’s right. Ne~ ne~ , do you participate in the events during sports festivals?
Fuma: Of course.  But I like ball events better than the others events. Everyone does right?
Kento: Taking in consideration that you’re from an all boys school.
Fuma: Not really.
Kento: What are the events at your school festival?
Fuma: There’s soccer, basketball, and chanbara for some reasons.
Kento: Cha... chanbara!?
Fuma: Ah, I played tug of war! Tug of war!
Kento: So you absolutely didn’t play chanbara, am I right?
Fuma: Nope. I played chanbara before. That was when I was in first and second year.
Kento: What!? So you used swords? Is it like fencing?
Fuma: Yeah!? No, supochan. That’s the sports chanbara.
Kento: Do you wear masks there?
Fuma: We wear masks.
Kento: Eh, Isn’t it dangerous?
Fuma: The swords are just soft.
Kento: Ahhh I see. But, come to think of it. You don’t play ball games.
Fuma: Right (laughs). But if you’re going to ask me what I prefer the most out of those three events, I would say that it’s basketball. But I have a gut feeling that I’ll just commit a lot of fouls.
Kento: Then there will be another brawl!! But I think basketball is your strong point so participate actively on it.
Fuma: Does Nakajima play relay?
Kento: Un. I had been a relay player during sports festivals. It’s because relay was my life. And also because I didn’t have any other choice!  However, I haven’t been really running lately so I don’t have enough confidence.  The university where I study at is located above the mountains but we just ride a bus to go there. When I change trains in the Tokyo station I tell myself, “Today I’m going to walk.”
Fuma: That’s probably a lot of moving right?  So for the next letter, “I prepared a special sexy zone bento.” [Take a look at the picture.] This is cool!

Kento: Sexy Zone’s x and y are made with ketchup! Cute!
Fuma: I certainly want to eat it. Is the tomato supposed to represent a rose?
Kento: I think so <3 She also put the features of our faces. Fuma’s is the most accurate right? Doesn’t it resemble you?
Fuma: Somehow, the hair looks like Nakayama Yuma’s. (laughs)
Kento: Am I the one at the left most part? Because the way I smile is similar. The one in the middle must be shori, but which ones are Marius and Matshushima?
Fuma: Isn’t Matsushima the one with a bobbed cut hair? [The second one from the right]
Kento: Ohh right. So now let’s revive the bobbed cut hairstyle! (laughs)
Fuma: So, so. But really, let’s congratulate her for this! I’m really happy that there are people who support us like that!
Kento: Right! Fuma, do you have a favourite side dish on a packed lunch?
Fuma: I like fried eggs. A sweet one is okay.
Kento: That’s delicious right? For me, it’s chicken. I feel that it’s somehow gives me a lot of stamina. I like a sandwhich for the main dish but onigiri is okay too.
Fuma: I also like onigiri.
Kento: Oh, next month, we should make an unusual opinion. Buku buku buku.
Fuma: Buku buku buku ...

Hope you had fun reading! But please don't repost this or claim as your own. :) And just to remind you again, I'm not sure whether this translation is 100% correct.
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august_geeaugust_gee on June 30th, 2013 12:07 am (UTC)
Thank you for translating! It's been a while since the last time I read SZ's translation :D
kiiramekukiirameku on June 30th, 2013 12:25 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! I hope you enjoyed reading! :D